Perth-Andover Light Commission

Perth-Andover Electric Light Commission has one of the lowest power rates in Atlantic Canada. The municipality prides itself on operating the only Village-owned electric utility in New Brunswick. Being a small utility, the municipality can provide high quality, efficient power service to its customers.

The utility provides Perth-Andover with its electrical power, which is sourced from a hydroelectric dam, and supplied by a 69,000-volt line to the substation in agreement with Algonquin Tinker Gen Co. The substation is located in the Industrial Park. The Perth-Andover Light Commission is completely independent of NB Power. However, emergency or back up power can be sourced from NB Power’s 69,000- and 138,000-volt lines that pass near the Village limit. The Perth-Andover Light Commission supplies secondary power of normal voltage, 120/240-volt, 120/208 volt, and 347/600 volt.