Chase the Ace

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PARC - Chase the Ace Lottery

To participate, you purchase tickets either the day of, at the River Valley Civic Centre, located at 11 School Street, Perth-Andover, NB, or in advance at the Village Office or Recreation Department. Tickets will be sold weekly until Tuesday at 6:45 pm when the draw will take place 7:00 pm at the River Valley Civic Centre. Once winning ticket is drawn, the ticket holder will receive a phone call if they are not present. If they are able to come to the River Valley Civic Centre within 15 minutes of the call, they can pull from the deck to draw for the ace of spades. If ticket the ticket holder cannot be present, the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission representative will select someone present to draw on the winning ticket holder’s behalf. The winner will be displayed on the Village website and the Perth Rec Facebook Page.  

Cost of Tickets Ticket cost: $3.00 for 1 tickets, or 2 for $5.00 or 5 for $10.00.

Prize Info

25% will be awarded to the winning ticket holder

25% will be added to the Prize Pool

        50% of the ticket sales for that day will go to the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission which will go towards programming and facilities for our youth. (10% of this total will go back to the community in form of donation).

Process: When the winning ticket is drawn, the holder will then cut the deck / draw from the deck. If the Ace of Spades card is drawn the winner receives the amount in the Prize Pool. If the Ace of Spades card is not drawn the amount carries forward to the next draw. A $1000 prize guarantee will be supplied by the Perth-Andover Recreation if someone cuts the Ace of Spaces before the Jackpot actually builds up to $1000. If the Jackpot builds over $1000 then the guarantee is eliminated and the jackpot will be whatever has accumulated at that time.

For each round a new standard deck of 52 cards will be used, with the Ace of Spades being revealed before the draw. Once a card has been drawn it will be signed by the winning ticket holder. The deck will be secured and locked in the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission Safe. This will continue weekly until the Ace of Spades is drawn.

When the deck is cut the top card of the bottom half (card that is facing down) will be considered the card that has been drawn. When there are 10 cards remaining they will be shuffled and placed face down on a table for the winning ticket holder to draw.

Operational Info The cards will be flipped over / shown to reveal that the Ace of Spades card is in the deck (this will be done after the winner cuts the deck). Once a card is drawn from the deck, it will be destroyed. The deck will be secured – locked up in a safe on site at the Perth-Andover Recreation Department.

The winning number will be announced verbally and displayed visually. The ticket holder will be called and win the monies for that week. If the winning ticket holder cannot be present within 15 minutes to draw from the deck, the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission representative will select someone to draw for the deck for the winning ticket holder. Once the Ace of Spades card is revealed, the game is concluded, and the following week will be a new game.

Any winner who is paid a prize will automatically be deemed to grant to the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission an irrevocable right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, their full name, hometown and photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights. The winner who is paid a prize also gives the PARC the right to publish any additional information that they voluntarily provide.   The winner shall have no claim against the PARC for invasion of privacy or any other ground(s) by reason of the publication or broadcasting of their Name, Hometown or photograph or information voluntarily provided by the winner.

The winner will provide their full name, address and phone number to the Perth-Andover Recreation Commission representative in attendance for reporting requirement to the Alcohol & Gaming. The address and phone number will NOT be made public.

Funds raised by the PARC Chase the Ace will go towards recreational programming and facilities for youth in Perth-Andover. 10% of those funds will be allocated to non-profit organizations within the community. Funds will be distributed through an application process which will be conducted on a semi-annual basis.